About Us

Our Mission

Meals on Wheels of Sarasota, Inc. delivers nutritious meals to persons in need in the Sarasota community who are unable to provide or prepare a meal for themselves in their home.

Founded in 1971, MOW Sarasota is a local, independent
non-profit organization.

MOW Sarasota exists to alleviate our Client's food insecurity and little to no support from family or caregivers. Our services are geared towards those with the greatest physical, social and economic need who want to remain independent in their own homes but cannot shop or prepare meals for themselves. All of our clients are mentally or physically challenged due to a variety of conditions, but not limited to: heart disease, cancer, vision loss, arthritis and diabetes.

A Local Organization

We are a local, community-based non-profit. MOW Sarasota, Inc. does not accept federal funding. We have the flexibility to meet the needs of the broadest set of neighbors-in-need. The organization has 4 full-time and 3 part-time staff, an active Board of Directors and more than 440 volunteers.

Home-Delivered Meals with a Smile

  • » We serve from 160,000 to 180,000 meals yearly.
  • » We receive no federal funding. We have the maximum flexibility to serve all those in need.
  • » All our meals are delivered by a corp of volunteer drivers who are generous Sarasota citizens who want to make difference in their community. All volunteer's must have a background check.
  • » We do more than deliver meals. Our volunteers not only deliver food, but provide important safety checks. Most times, our volunteer is the only person a client will see during the day.
Our clientele includes:
  • » 15% of our clients in their 30's thru 50's;
  • » 20% in their 60's;
  • » 24% in their 70's;
  • » 25% in their 80's;
  • » 16% in their 90's and 100's
Health issues
(major areas):
  • » Heart 17%
  • » Arthritis 15%
  • » Diabetes 11%
  • » Sight related 10%
  • » Mental/Cognitive 10%
  • » Lung/pulmonary related 7%
  • » Cancer 5%
  • » Renal/kidney 5%
  • » Other 15%